One of THOSE days! 

Woke up late. No time for breakfast. Driving way too fast to make it to work on time….. You get the picture! And, yes, that’s how my day started. 

A hectic beginning paired with being out of the classroom for two days administering the STAAR test gave today all the potentional it needed to be an awful day! 

So, during our moment of silence at the beginning of the day I prayed that I would find the inner strength needed to turn my day upside down! I truly want to show the love of Jesus to each of my students on a daily basis! 

By the end of the day, I had taught two very interactive and thought provoking lessons, re taught some math skills, and finally made a positive connection with a great kid! 

You know, often times, we put our “petty” desires and issues onto the back burner and pray for things we feel like are “bigger”! Maybe it’s the friend who lost a loved one. Or, maybe it’s a cry for help on how you are going to make ends meet this month. Maybe still it’s a prayer for healing, change, and intervention that overshadows our daily struggles. 

I am here to testify that our God doesn’t place our prayers on pedestals of importance!  He may not always give us the answer we think we need, but He always listens and will give us the answer we need. 

So, the next time you are aggravated because your order is wrong at the drive thru, the grocery store is out of your favorite snack, you hit the off button instead of the snooze button on your alarm, or your day isn’t going quite right….STOP and pray! I promise just a little talk with Jesus will make it all worth while! 

Happy trails! 💜Rachel  


Check out the unexpected flowers two of my darlings delivered today! Aren’t they precious? 


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