beauty is only {heart} deep

“Mom, I would be gorgeous like you IF I didn’t wear glasses.”

— Wait? What? Surely those words aren’t coming from the mouth of my innocent 4 year old! Catch your breath. Regain your thoughts. Hold back your tears. —

All of those thoughts raced through my mind in the 2 seconds it took me to reply…

“You are gorgeous with or without your glasses. Your glasses don’t make you beautiful! Your smile, your sweetness, and your pretty blue eyes make you GORGEOUS in my book!” 

And, so, just as unexpectedly as it started, the conversation quickly ended and off the little toot went to enjoy her TV show. All the while, not knowing her momma’s heart was completely broken and shattered! 

How had I let this happen? How did the tiny baby who clung to life in NICU for 68 days grow into this worrisome 4 year old? What happened to having a care free spirit and only thinking about the next snack, the next play date, the next cartoon to watch? 

Had I failed to fulfill my duty as a mom? Had I voiced my own physical insecurities a little too much? 

 As these thoughts swirled like an unrelentless hurricane of sadness through my being, I rolled over in my bed and buried my head into my pillow! I began to cry out to God to restore her confidence, to restore my confidence! 

With tears streaming down my cheeks, He softly reminded that He had overcome this world! And though people would try to tear me down, to tear her down, He had the power to restore! 

With that, I began to praise Him for holding my hand through the unknown, for wiping my tears of sadness, and for creating a {JOY} in my heart that is indescribable.

Why does the media have such a grip on girls and women on what beauty looks like? Why do we, as women, constantly compare ourselves to one another? We want to be:

  • skinnier
  • smarter
  • tanner
  • and much more!

We are NEVER satisfied with what we have! However, we know that  

So, I challenge to look for your beauty within! If Christ lives in you, there’s nothing more beautiful! After all, true beauty is only {HEART} deep! 

Happy Trails! đŸ’›Rachel

1 thought on “beauty is only {heart} deep”

  1. Beauty does come from the heart, too much on the outward appearance and this is so sad. Some of the most beautiful people I have known are those who have hearts of gold filled with love for Jesus and it shines thru their eyes, and that is real Beauty.


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