Dear lady at IHOP…

You don’t know my family or our story, and I don’t yours. Through our small conversation, we discovered we are both educators. But, your gentle smile and kind words revealed so much more about you than you realize. 

You see, the precious child you spoke to, hasn’t forgotten the 5 simple words you joyfully directed towards her. 

I LOVE your eyepatch! 

That’s it. Those 5 words made her eyes light up with glee and her swell with pride! She appears to be a happy go-lucky child on the outside. And, although my daughter in a pretty princess in our eyes, she often worries about her glasses and her eyepatch. She makes comments such as:

Mommy why do my eyes have to cross? 

Mommy the kids will laugh at my eye patch. 

Mommy, I want to be pretty like you without glasses. 

Oh my heart breaks when she says these things. No matter how many times I tell her that she is ALWAYS beautiful, her young heart is still brittle. So, thank you kind lady for being sweet to my child and letting her know that her eyepatch doesn’t define her! 

Thank you for reminding me that I am able to show the love of Jesus without ever speaking His name. The joy that lit up your face made it evident that Jesus is alive in you! 


A grateful momma!  


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