Beyond the Bride

It was finally here! The day I had planned for over a year. The countless hours spent picking out the perfect invitations, stuffing hundreds of envelopes, finding a beautiful gown with matching shoes, preparing our hand written vows, arranging bouquets with my mom, planning a perfect reception menu, booking a photographer, a band, and venue, were finally over. I was about to change my name from Ms. to Mrs., and my whole world would change for the better! 

The wedding day was everything I had dreamed of and more! My dress was gorgeous. My daddy teared up as he gave me away. And, the church was packed with our family and friends. But, the best part was the moment my adorable husband and I vowed to love each other unconditionally and to always put God first in our home. 


Upon the completion of our vows, I knew that my next step was to transform from a blushing bride to a wonderful wife. 6 years later, I realize that all of the stress, all of the worrying, and all of the planning to have a perfect day would only be a precious memory. You see, being a bride isn’t the important factor in getting married. Rather, living and experiencing life with the man you prayed for, the man you trust with your heart, and the man you believe God sent just for you, is what the transformation from bride to wife is all about. After all, it’s how you handle your  life beyond the bride that makes a marriage strong! 

Stayed tuned for tips to having a happy home with your spouse! 

 Happy Trails! 💙Rachel 

1 thought on “Beyond the Bride”

  1. Thank you for sharing this blog with me, Rachel. Love how you are able to express yourself and share your feelings. Love you, June


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