Conversion Disorder Update

Here’s an update for all of you that wanna know ….

Thursday and Friday (12/26 – 12/27/19) I had awful tremors. With it being the holiday season, finding care is hard. But, it’s even harder because my condition is not well known in our area.

My primary doctor is •amazing• at helping me with symptoms, but he’s out of office for the holiday and his on-call dr wasn’t really sure what to do.

The in and out clinic and urgent doc both refused to see me because I present with stoke and seizure symptoms which they do not treat. The referred me to the ER, but we’ve been down that road and they are also clueless. The ER dr looked at me last time and said “What do you want want ME to do for you?”

My neurologist is 2 hours away running her own clinic and is hard to get in touch with.

And, last, but not least, my therapist is off through the holidays.

So, Dr. Google, aka my husband, made his own action plan.

I have a prescription for Ativan, which usually calms my spasms and tremors. However, even after increasing my dosage as suggested by primary dr the last time this happened, my entire body continued to spasm and tremor. So much so that my legs continue to constantly ache and my body is exhausted.

In addition to the tremors I also have weakness in my left hand grip, the left side of my face is slightly drawn, my speech is distorted, and I’m currently walking with a slight limp since my left leg isn’t functioning properly.

My neurologist was finally able to call in a prescription for Depakote, which basically makes me sleepy and calms my brain activity. It reduces the spasms, but the other symptoms will only get better with time. I do have a follow up with her at the beginning of January so maybe we can make a more thorough action plan. I’m going to ask for more physical and occupational therapy and possibly speech therapy.

I understand that conversion disorder will more than likely be part of my life story from now on, and I’m perfectly ok with that. There are good days and there are not so good days. They are great days and there are awful days! I’m just learning to take it all in stride.

Despite my health, God is good. He has a plan for my pain and aches, my neurological symptoms, and this crazy journey! ❤️

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