Giving God the Reins

“It’s easy. You just give a little nudge and he’ll go. Pull a little this way and he’ll turn left. Pull a little the other way and he’ll turn right. Give him a gentle pull back, say ‘whoa’ and he’ll stop.”

Trey Brown

This is the pep talk my husband has been giving me for the last few years while trying to get me to ride a horse with him. He’s convinced that horse back riding is the answer to relieving some of my health concerns. And, maybe He’s right, in a way. But, if you know him, don’t you dare tell him I said he is right! *wink wink*

I have heard from numerous sources that horses are amazing therapeutic animals. Their presence can calm the greatest of fears, transform a vast array of insecurities into a steadfast confidence, and bring smiles onto faces that seem to have permanently taken a shape resembling a lower case n.

I’ve seen this is in my own child. A child that was once drenched in fear, anxiety, and insecurity, blossomed into a child boasting with confidence and joy after learning to ride horses. There is something calming about brushing a horse and having him rest his head on your shoulder. There is something rewarding about teaching your horse to follow your direction and to trust your commands. When your horse learns to trust you with the reins, your ride becomes smoother and more enjoyable. Just ask my husband….If your horse doesn’t trust you with the reins, you might end up tangled in a barbed wire fence with your horse laying on top of you. But, that’s a story for another day.

The trusting relationship between rider and horse reminds me so much of our relationship with Jesus. When we choose to give him the reins of our lives, we must live and act as if we know that He will not misguide us. We have to know that He has our best interest at heart and a plan that extends far beyond the realm our minds are able to comprehend.

When He nudges us to move a little to the left, we simply have to step out in faith and move one step at a time to the left. When He nudges us to pray with a complete stranger, we simply have to take their hand and speak truth to them. When He prompts us to step into a new role, He only expects us to take the first step, no matter how small (or large) it may seem to us. He doesn’t expect us to know all of the details, or to have it all figured out. He just wants us to give Him the reins and trust Him.

So many times, that first step scares us to death and we try to pull back on the reins and go our own way. Sadly, this often leaves us tangled in barbed wire instead of galloping in open pasture.

Start today. Take the step. Let go of your reins and give them to Him. Because, I can promise the barbed wire fence in your own path is painful and leaves scars you weren’t meant to bear.

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